Welcome to Schluter KERDI-BOARD.com! This site contains information about Schluter’s KERDI-BOARD, why it is considered one of the best substrates in the industry, and a myriad of projects you can accomplish with it.

Schluter Products

Schluter is a globally recognized brand for tile setting systems, shower kits, profiles and a variety of other products. Schluter was the first company to introduce the tile profile, which completely changed the face of the tile setting industry. From there, they have introduced an incredible array of products that not only change make for incredibly easy tile installations, but change the entire methodology of the industry. Schluter’s shower kit is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry, combining a low price with high quality materials and an easy installation process. Now, with KERDI-BOARD, any homeowner can have not only one of the best showers on the market, but a beautiful tile arrangement to make their bathroom look its best.